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Academic Support

Academic Research Support

Dr Gerard Edwards and Dr Gavin Phillips have a strong interest in applying data detection and data fusion to develop intelligent systems which can be applied in emergency response situations to hone in on key points in spectra of gas emissions to enable not only safe location of source, but also mapping and interpolation.

Academic Teaching Facilities

Coastal Erosion for Geography and International Development

Working with Geography’s Dr Servel Miller and Wirral Council, Aerochester mapped out a 3D model of the Wirral River Dee coastline for comparisons of coastal changes due to natural and human activity. Using stereo matching, point cloud models were created and merged to offer searchable geo-referenced coastline representations.

Student Project Support

Control System Applications for Undergraduate Engineering Projects

Engineering students undertake projects to demonstrate their abilities to apply theory into systems which offer positive demonstration of engineering practice. Aerochester presents options for engineering projects including design of payloads and definition of control systems for small UAVs.

UAV Managed Services

Managed UAV Task & Risk Planning

Aerochester offer risk management and task planning services to our University customers to enable them to operate efficiently for their needs and not stray outside of the safety requirements which are essential to both the wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors, as well as meeting the insurance criteria for UAVs in University use.

Managed Maintenance

Providing Serviceable Systems for Customer Needs

We are delighted to offer university UAV users a managed service which will enable confidence in knowing that platforms are functioning correctly and kept well-maintained before each use. Working with our in-house technicians and our network of approved suppliers we focus on ensuring only airworthy vehicles take to the skies for our customers’ projects.

Managed Assets

Smart Management Enabling Efficient Projects

Most UAV users want data from the tools that capture it. UAV equipment is not cheap and can sit unused for weeks on end. Aerochester offer a rationalised and bookable facility for UAV platforms for the University. As well as giving efficient usage with confidence in controlled maintenance, this provides economy of spend, enabling departmental funds to be focussed directly at the end-applications crucial to research and teaching, rather than the vehicle that holds a sensor for a small time each year.